What is my home worth?

The valuation of your most important asset, your home, should only be trusted with professionals who know the nuances of the local market and will provide you with relevant and timely data.  Our approach to home pricing is the most comprehensive in the market. 

Want to know more?


CONSULTATION – The first step in the home sale process is our complimentary and confidential in-home consultation.  We will tour the property, making note of special features, and talk with you about your goals.

VALUATION – Once we have toured your home, our team gathers back at our office to do a comprehensive market analysis.  We look at historical sales data, including recent comparable homes sold and average price per square foot.  We check public records and appraisal databases to make certain that we have accurate data.  We also consider current market conditions including number of homes for sale, months of inventory, and absorption rates.  We then set a second appointment with you to review the data. Together we determine the list price that will bring the greatest return.

PREPARING FOR MARKET – We are leading experts in preparing homes for sale so that they are “best in class” and consistently return top dollar for our clients.  The way that most of us live in our homes, is not the way we present them to market.  Our years of experience with what it takes to achieve top dollar is invaluable.  We love helping our clients see the difference it makes and benefit from it at the closing table.  We provide everything thing from suggested improvements to professional staging so that your property shines above the competition.

MARKETING STRATEGY – Our comprehensive marketing strategy is designed to leave no stone unturned. We cast a wide net to ensure that your home is presented to a wide range of buyers locally and internationally.  We look forward to showing you what we do that sets us apart from other brokerages.

NEGOTIATIONS – When selecting a real estate professional, this is one of the most important factors.  Ask yourself, does this person have the expertise, demeanor, and confidence to represent my best interests when negotiating for my valuable asset?  We are determined negotiators and do not rest until the job is done, and done well, for all of our valued clients.

CONTRACT TO CLOSING – We find that initially most home sellers do not fully realize how much work is done between contract and closing.  Oftentimes, this is the phase of the transaction where some of our most important work is done.  Negotiating through home inspections, appraisals, financing, and more requires a high level of expertise, resources, and commitment.  We know what it takes and have 25+ years of experience in dealing with all these challenges.